Weather Reach Signal Provider

There has been much talk about the necessity of water conservation. Government agencies are starting to crack down on water usage and IRRIGATION systems are among the top targets for scrutiny. For many years, it has been a standard practice for Tri-County Irrigation to install a rain sensing device on every new irrigation system. This device senses rainfall and prevents the irrigation system from running. Although we consider this an essential for every lawn sprinkler system we have moved beyond the standard and have become a certified Weather Reach Signal Provider. We consider this a great step forward in our efforts to help you conserve not only water, but money.


What is a Weather Reach Signal Provider? (WRSP)

As a weather reach signal provider we own and operate our very own weather station. The weather station continually collects weather data and communicates the data to our server. The server then transmits hourly weather updates to eligible receivers through a paging service. Customers who have installed the Rain Bird ET Manager will receive hourly weather updates and the irrigation controller will regulate irrigation run times automatically! Below is a graphic description of the process.

Rain Bird ET Manager




Signal Provider Process

What does this mean for you?

This is the most efficient way to water…period. No more watering the day after a heavy rain! Say goodbye to soggy landscapes and standing water. The ET Manager takes into account all necessary weather data (wind, temperature, solar radiation, humidity & rainfall) and calculates the amount of moisture that is lost due to ET (Evapotranspiration). So, whether you are a homeowner who simply wants to water more efficiently or a commercial property owner looking to drastically cut back on your monthly water bill, the Rain Bird ET Manager is the solution. Smart irrigation never sounded better! This method of watering has several benefits:

  1. Efficiency: Your lawn or landscape is only watered when necessary.
  2. Healthy Landscape: Studies prove that less frequent, deep waterings promote a healthier root system.
  3. Cost Savings: Customers can expect 30 to 50% water savings after installing the Rain Bird ET Manager. This, in turn, is money in your pocket!
  4. Conservation: The amount of water that will be applied to your lawn or landscape will be significantly reduced when compared to a traditional irrigation system!


Please contact us to learn how you can take advantage of this water saving feature!